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A brief history of Guolin Qigong

China is the home of Qigong. Qigong has been practised in China for more than 4000 years and is one of the main contributors to China's most complete and effective systems of medical treatment and preventive health.

Guolin New Qigong is the work/treasure left by our great master Madam Guo Lin. In 1941, she became a cancer victim and had been on and off the operation table for more than 6 times, and her health condition worsened as days went by. As a last resort, she looked upon Qigong that she had practised during her young days as a therapy for cure. Through her research into ancient Qigong practitioners' methods and modern Chinese and Western medical and scientific theories and discoveries, she remarkably created a new set of Qigong techniques and cured herself of cancer. In 1971, armed with this new set of techniques, Madam Guo Lin started to spread them free of charge at various parks in Beijing. Since then more than one million people with various types of cancers, lupus erythematosus and other difficult and complicated chronic diseases and ailments in China have benefited from the techniques and been successfully treated. Today, Guolin New Qigong has spread to the United States of America, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia etc.

The important formula of her success was based on: -

1.    Combining Qigong exercise with traditional Chinese and/or Western Medical treatments (e.g. radiotherapy and chemotherapy) to obtain maximum benefits, this exercise helps to reduce the side effects while increasing the red and white blood cells to strengthen the immune system.

2.    The new Qigong techniques let patients breathe in a large volume of oxygen. Research done by Dr. Lai at America Institute of Cancer Research has found that the cancer cells can be destroyed if a patient breathes in oxygen eight time more than the normal amount.

3.    These techniques allow the "inner energy" to circulate through the body's vast network of energy channels, and by way of movement guidance expels stagnated and polluted energy from our body and "replenishes" our body with atmospheric clean energy. By this method, it enhances and promotes self-immune and healing functions of our body.

4.    These techniques stimulate secretion of saliva from the glands beneath the tongue. Known as "Godden Brew" or "Sweet Dew", it is highly beneficial to the stomach and is regarded as an immune function by the traditional Chinese Medical Practitioners for more than 4000 years. This saliva should be swallowed from time to time as it collects in the mouth.


Adopted and adapted from The Art of Qigong, produced by Persatuan Quolin Qigong Malaysia