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The Founder of Guolin Qigong

Guo Lin, a renowned qigong master as well as a painter of the Southern School of Traditional Chinese Painting, was born in April 1909 in the County of Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. She was also known as Lin Guanming and Meishu.

Since childhood, Guo Lin was well versed in the ancient form of Qigong exercise. In the late 1940s, Guo Lin was afflicted with cancer and was treated with six surgeries over a period of time but the cancer never abated. To counter this cancer threat to her life, she turned to the ancient qigong and adapted it to suit her medical conditions. In doing so, she researched extensively into both the traditional Chinese and the Western medicines, sought the advice of qigong masters she had access to, and evolved the ancient qigong exercise into a modified form that she practised for twenty years since. After practising this new modified form of Qigong, her cancer abated.

Calling this modified form of qigong the New Qigong, Guo Lin had a firm conviction that it was the exercise for the people.  She unveiled it to the public on September 4, 1971, thus becoming the first Qigong master to treat cancer through this form of exercise that incorporated controlled breathing. Since then thousands of cancer patients had taken part in her Qigong therapy classes at various coaching centres located over twenty cities and provinces in China, and had attained remission from this life threatening disease. In addition, a great number of qualified Qigong instructors had since been trained in this New Qigong exercise.

Strongly believing that cancer should be countered through a three-pronged approach incorporating both Chinese and Western medicine with Qigong therapy, Guo Lin set up the first hospital in China that adopted this three-pronged approach for the treatment and prevention of cancer in July 1982 in Xia Huliang in Zhuoxian County, Hebei Province.  Her achievements had won the recognition and support of the Party, the government, medical doctors from both Chinese and Western medicine as well as Qigong masters.

Guo Lin died of cerebral haemorrhage resulting from over commitment to her work on December 14, 1984 at the age of 75.  Since her death, her legacy has been carried to greater heights through the Guo Lin Qigong Research Society comprising qigong practitioners and enthusiasts.

Master Guo Lin will be remembered for her contribution to the development of Chinese qigong exercises.