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郭林气功进军汶莱 (30.6.2012 – 7.7.2012)

应汶莱林子强先生的邀请, 两位来自吉隆坡武吉加里尔站(中心)的气功教练,吕福荣老师和何世明老师, 已于日前前往汶莱介绍郭 林 气 功予当地人.

一共有40名来自各阶层的学生参加了练习, 他们之中有年轻的,年老的, 有健康的也有患病的. 他们早晨在旧湖花园 (Taman Tasek Lama)锻炼; 晚上则在伯拉卡士(BERAKAS) 旧机场的汶莱消防和救援部庭院练功.

经过一周的练习, 参加者发觉气 功效果特别好, 并决定改变他们的生活方式,以练习郭林气功来改善健康.

林子强先生表示, 基于响应良好,在马來西亚郭林气功研究会的支持和指导下, 他将策划成立汶莱郭 林气功协会.让更多的汶莱民众有机会学习郭林气功,提高身体健康的素质。


Reaching out to Brunei (30.6.2012 – 7.7.2012)

At the invitation of Mr. Wilson Lim from Brunei Darussalam, two instructors from Bukit Jalil Station, Mr. Looi Fook Weng  and Mr. Ho Sai Meng went over there to introduce Guolin Qigong to the people of Brunei.

A total of 40 participants from all walks of life, young and old, sick and healthy, came and participated in the event.   It was held at Taman Tasek Lama in the morning and the compound of the Brunei Fire and Rescue Department, Old Airport Berakas at night.

After a week of practice, the participants felt the effect of Qigong on their body system and would like to change their lifestyle by practising Guolin Qigong as a way to improve their health.

 Mr. Wilson Lim said that in view of the good response, he would plan to set up Guolin Qigong Association of Brunei with the support and guidance from Malaysian Guolin Qigong Association. This would enable more people from Brunei to take up Guolin Qigong and improve their quality of health.