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马来西亚郭林气功研究会于2017年2月12日星期日在焦赖康乐华小礼堂举办丁酉年新春大团拜 “新心相聚我和你”。除了两位小妹妹,其他表演者几乎都是癌症康复者。他们曾经跌入人生的谷底,做过电疗和化疗;今天他们是健康的一群,充满活力,这是郭林气功群体练功抗癌的效力。癌症不等于死亡,你可以活出另一个春天来。
Persatuan Guolin Qigong Malaysia celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Rooster at SJK(C) Taman Connaught on 12 February 2017. This video shows the stage performance by members of the Central Committee, Branch and Stations. Besides the two little girls, the performers are mostly cancer survivors. They had been through the worst in life, undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Today they are healthy and lively, leading the most normal life. This is the result of learning and practising Guolin Qigong in groups and fighting against cancer together. Being diagnosed with cancer is not equivalent to death. There is life after cancer.